Joining Vocal Fusion is easy and not a scary process!

You can either come to three rehearsals then do a voice check, or just arrange for a voice check.
It's that simple!

The voice check process is not difficult. 

Before you audition ask yourself:- Can I sing in tune? Can I harmonise? Have I got a sense of rhythm?

We want to know that you can sing in tune and have some rhythm. You don't necessarily need to know how to read music, but it does help!

Backing tracks are done for most pieces to help you to learn your part. These are on this website under the members area.
  • The voice check process usually takes about 10 minutes and you do not have to prepare a full song.
 Normally we would like you to sing a snippet from a song of your own choice, then we will run a short vocalise to see where your voice sits..
  • The second option is to simply organise an audition.
Auditions are run outside of the normal choir rehearsals and not in front of the choir.

Anyone who has passed the audition process is not required to re-audition every year, but the Music Director will do an annual VOICE CHECK, just to see where your voice is sitting and speak to you about how you are feeling in your section.

So, why not come and give us a go!

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